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The Spalding Model Tractor Show was founded in 1987 by Colin Boor and Stuart Gibbard. Bill Richardson had run his farm toy show on his farm in East Hatley, Bedfordshire - this sparked the idea of a show closer to home with Colin saying ''Why travel all over the country looking for model tractors when we could get them to come to us?'' and so Spalding Model Tractor Show was born. As both Colin and Stuart were arable farmers, the autumn was a very busy time for them and so the summer show was booked into the diary and the planning began! Eventually, Brian Norman took over Bill's show and took the event to Biggleswade. ​

The show has moved around a few times within the Springfields Conference Centre as it has expanded over time. It was initially in the ballroom of the Springfields restaurant (which was demolished to make way for the shopping centre). After 2-3 years, the show outgrew the ballroom and it was moved back to the Conference Centre.

Around 2001, Colin and Stuart were approached by Brian Norman to take over his show from Biggleswade. Spalding Model Tractor Show now took place in April and October.

After successfully organising the spring and autumn show for a few years alongside Colin, Stuart decided to take a step back due to other work commitments. This opened the door for Colin to carry on with the show. With the assistance of his son, Tim, Colin managed the show until October 2022, marking his final event. And that's where myself, Kerry Gooden, and my soon-to-be-husband, Daniel Hewitt, enter the picture! You can find us on the left side of the photo, accompanied by our rescue dog, Otis. Presently, Dan and I have taken over the show, and we're thrilled to share our enthusiasm with you. Our aim is to elevate this event and transform it into the largest and most exceptional show in the country. As both participants and traders in various shows, we possess a unique understanding of what traders and attendees desire. We're dedicated to delivering an extraordinary experience that caters to the needs and desires of everyone involved.

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