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Winning diorama of April 2023

For starters, our exhibition serves as a haven for collectors, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike. By showcasing your work, you become part of a vibrant community that appreciates the artistry, meticulous craftsmanship and MANY HOURS that goes into every diorama.

The value of inspiration cannot be underestimated. When you bring your dioramas to our show, you provide a source of inspiration for countless visitors who eagerly seek new ideas and techniques. Your creations will captivate and ignite the creative spark within others, leaving a mark on their own artistic journeys. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your work has motivated someone to explore this mesmerizing craft further!

  • ALL dioramas brought to our show will automatically be entered into our prestigious competition with cash prizes and rosettes. Picture your masterpiece standing side by side with other exceptional works!

  • You'll have the opportunity to engage with fellow diorama enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and learn from experienced artists.

A selection of dioramas shown at April 2023.
  • Expand your network, forge new friendships, and dive deeper into the fascinating world of dioramas.

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